What Are The Major Features Of The Oppo reno6 5g Cameras?

Oppo Reboer R5 g is the latest smartphone from Oppo. It has all the features that the users love to have in a smartphone. With this handset, the user can get a smooth browsing experience, excellent camera facilities and a lot more. Let us try and analyse the functions of Oppo Reboer R5 g. oppo reno6 5g

Display: The Oppo Reboer R5 g has a beautiful and vibrant AMOLED screen which looks really nice. The color of the display is quite similar to that of Corning’s Gorilla glass. The brightness of the display is commendable and it will certainly not let you down even if you use this smartphone for a long time. The color of the display is vivid as well and does not look dull and hot at all. The brightness of the display ensures that you do not have to strain your eyes to view the things you want to see.

Storage: The Oppo reno6 5g comes with a spacious internal storage which is adequate to store all the necessary apps and other files. The size of this mobile phone is such that it can easily hold all the important files and other files. The internal storage of this smartphone also has a high level of memory which will ensure that you never face any problem storing and transferring the data. The memory size of this phone is ample enough to store everything without any problems. The large memory helps you download apps faster and perform multiple tasks with ease.

Rear Camera: The rear camera of the Oppo reno6 5g is quite decent and does not disappoint its users in any manner. This smartphone comes with two cameras namely the one on the top and one on the bottom. The one on the top is quite good although it does not have the same resolution as compared to the bottom one. This feature however is not present in all the Oppo smartphones. The second camera of this smartphone does work very well though.

I Photo Pro mode: One of the new it’s unique features is the AI photo mode which enables the user to select a special picture from the album and then automatically crop, edit and modify the image. This is done by the dedicated auto mode which has been specially modified for this purpose. You can easily adjust the exposure, colors and other details of the photo which was taken. This new feature of the Oppo reno6 helps in taking great shots even when you are under a deadline.

Pro Zoom Plus: Apart from the usual camera control buttons on the sides, the Oppo reno6 has two more interesting features which are the proximity sensor and the temperature sensor. The proximity sensor allows you to find the distance between two objects while the temperature sensor monitors the ambient temperature of your room or area. With the temperature sensor you can also track the change of temperature in the office space. The OLP Plus gives you better zoom options as compared to the regular size of this handset.

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